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Congratulations to Lacey Suntheimer
who won $5000 milking Moola The KFDI Cash Cow!

Hear Lacey's big winning moment


Ready to win free money from Moola the KFDI Cash Cow?  Good!

Moola The KFDI Cash Cow is back with your chance to win Big Bovine Bucks every weekday on Today's KFDI. 

Every Thursday is a "Bonus Cash Thursday", we'll add extra money to your winnings.  The amount we add to your winnings increases every Thursday as well.  We start with an extra $100 for every winner on the first "Bonus Cash Thursday" and every Thursday after that we add more money to what you win.    

We used to send out emails to everybody in the VIP Club, but with all the unwanted email everyone gets these days, we don’t want to be guilty of sending you email you don’t want.  So, just let us know if you want the daily “Moo-Mails” and we’ll be sure you get them!

As always, we’ll keep posting contest times inside the VIP Club, so even if you elect not to get daily “Moo-Mails” you’ll still have insider access to know when you can listen to win with Moola the KFDI Cash Cow.

Moola is ready to be milked for Big Bovine Bucks….up to $5,000 thanks to Central Star Credit Union.

We are udderly flattered that you have so much fun milking our cow.  Thank you for listening to Today’s KFDI!

See today's times to win

Don't forget, twenty minutes after we’ve milked Moola for all she’s worth, you’ve got a chance to win a trip to the ACA Awards in Las Vegas courtesy of Capitol Nashville and a hit cd from the KFDI library.  Drawing for the ACA trip will be with Tony Brueski after 5pm on Wednesday, October 27th!

Moola 2010 Official Rules


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