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The 2013 KFDI Listener Appreciation show presents
Thompson Square
7:00 pm Friday, April 18, 2014
Charles Koch Arena at W-S-U!

With Special Guests the Swon Brothers from The Voice! A
And new country sensation Lindsay Ell

KFDI Listener Appreciation Show Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How much do KFDI Listener Appreciation Show tickets cost?

A- All the tickets are free, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.  When you go to a sponsor's business to pick up your tickets, please shop in their business and thank them for supporting the KFDI Listener Appreciation showGet a full list of sponsor locations here.

Q-What are Early Bird tickets?

A-Early Bird tickets get you into Charles Koch Arena immediately after the handicapped ticket holders. There are just 500 Early Bird tickets and they will be distributed exclusively at our "First Chance" Live Broadcast.  Check back for details on the location, day and time

Q-How many Early Bird tickets can I get?

A-Each adult (18 and over) can get two Early Bird tickets on Saturday, March 15th, at Village Flea Market, 2301 S Meridian Ave, Wichita.  KFDI will broadcast live between 8:00am and 10:00am, distributing tickets while they last.   

Q - What if I have Early Bird tickets for the adults in my group, but general admission tickets for the kids.  Can we go in together in the early bird line?

A - The Early Bird line is for those with early bird tickets only.  Anyone without an early bird ticket will be asked to join the general admission line.  Please plan ahead so that you have a plan for an adult to accompany your children in the general admission line.  Adults may give their second early bird tickets to a child.  There is no age limit on the person who can be admtted with an early bird ticket.

Q-If I don't get Early Bird tickets, when and where will the rest of the tickets be distributed?

A-On Monday, March 17th we'll announce all of the sponsor ticket locations for general admission tickets.  Tickets are limited.  The list will be posted here, and updated as locations run out of tickets.  

Q - How do I get handicapped tickets for the concert?

A - We have designated handicapped tickets that will be given out at the KFDI studios, 4200 N. Old Lawrence Road in Wichita, starting March 17th, 2014.  Get full handicapped ticket information here.

Q - What if I don't have a handicapped ticket but I am handicapped?  Can I enter with the handicapped line and find a general admission seat to sit in?

A - We will work with each listener to help find a seat that works best for you. However, the handicapped line is reserved for those with handicapped tickets and and handicapped companion tickets. Please plan ahead and pick up tickets in advance.

Q - Do I need to have a ticket for my child?

A - We recommend you get a ticket for each child aged 2 and up. Everyone sitting in a seat needs a separate ticket.

Q - May I bring in food or drink to Charles Koch Arena?

A - No coolers or outside food/drink are allowed in the arena.  Concessions will be sold before and during the show.

Q - How early can I get in line?

A - We suggest that you get in line no more than 2 hours before the doors open.  There is, however, no rule for getting in line earlier.  Please be aware that there are no restroom facilities outside of Charles Koch Arena.

Q - Where do we line up?

A - The lines will form outside of the main entrance of Charles Koch Arena on the WSU Campus at 21st & Hillside.  No other doors will be used for access to the concert. 

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