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Smart Plates Because Apparently We Are Not


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(Before I get started, I should mention I lost 80 pounds by reducing portion size WITHOUT the help of this device.  Maybe I'm just mad because I didn't think of it first!)  

It's finally happened.  The human race has reached that point where we lack so much free will, free thought, common sense and drive that another human has decided it's time to capitalize on this and create a SMART PLATE.  Yes, you heard right!  A Smart Plate.  


 Afterall, we have a SMART FRIDGE!

Why not a smart plate to go with your smart fridge....inside what Google just announced yesterday will soon be your SMART HOMES!

The creator says, at is core, the Smart Plate is designed to be a social media/social networking tool.  A plate that will get us talking about food and portion size.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we already do that?  For example:  


Husband:  "You gonna eat that?"


Wife:  "No, I'm full.....I couldn't eat another bite"


Husband:  "Mind if I do?"


Wife:  "No, it's all yours"


(5 minutes later)


Husband (loosening his belt):  Ohhhhh good lord, I can't believe I ate all that!!


Have we lost the ability to say no?  To stop?  To listen to our bodies when they are screaming for mercy and begging us to not stuff another thing in our pie hole?  

Just push back from the table people.  There is no shame in walking away.   You don't always have to be a member of the clean plate club.  


Bon Appetite 


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