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Truth, Forgiveness and Chocolate

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Today we celebrate 3 important things!  I'm celebrating 4...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sister Liz.  Along with my sister's birthday, the other 3 things being celebrated that you may not have been aware of are:


I am speaking from FIRST HAND experience....(and trust me, it was a BIG ONE!)  Forgiveness is one of the single most important things you can do in order to be a healthier "you".  I'll spare you all the cliches, bible verses, sayings and online memes.  Google those, there are a's hard to pick a favorite, but they all care the same important message.  So celebrate GLOBAL FORGIVENESS DAY ....take baby steps....start small.....and work your way up to the big stuff.  I'm not saying forget that thing that you are offering forgiveness for.  Keeping that memory and experience helps us learn.   However, FORGIVE.....let it go...move on.


The next one can be a little idealistic....sometimes a little bit of  "wishful thinking" but it's as equally as important....and it can tie into #1.   Is there something you need to be forgiven for?  TELL THE TRUTH.  Will you be forgiven for it?  That's up to the person you are telling the truth to. However, you will get it off your chest.   Truth doesn't always have to be a confession....and this is where it gets weird., because not everyone can "handle the truth".  

Excuse me while I get side tracked!!  If you've never seen this scene from A FEW GOOD MEN, it is easily one of the most intense dialogues in a movie, EVER!  (WARNING:  Some language may be NSFW depending on where you work)



Back to what I was saying.  Not everyone can handle the truth.  This usually happens when you ask another person a question.  It could be a harmless question like, "How do you like my hair" or "Does this look good on me" or "Do you like that TV show" .... you name it.  If you ask another person a question and are not prepared for a truthful answer it can sometimes be upsetting.  So, remember this rule of thumb (I usually share this with people I know).....IF YOU DON'T WANT AN HONEST ANSWER DON'T ASK ME THE QUESTION.   When it comes down to it.....HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY! 


Silly me, I thought any day that ended in "Y" was CHOCOLATE DAY!  I have a weakness for Snickers, Twix and the English Cadbury chocolate from my childhood.  What's your favorite Chocolate?  Let me know in the comments section or shoot me an EMAIL! 

Till next time, thanks for reading and thanks for listening! 






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