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Two Sentence Tuesday

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 Time for another round of TWO SENTENCE TUESDAY.  Just 2 sentences to comment on stuff that's trending, random and everything in between.  Here we go! 

FIREWORKS IN THE DAYTIME:  Over the July 4th weekend many of my neighbors exploded their pyrotechnics during the day.  Dear neighbors, next year please give me your money before setting it on fire or wait UNTIL DARK!!

CRUMBS BAKE SHOP:  Apparently this famous New York chain is closing ALL of it's stores.  The fact that I didn't even know there was ONE might speak to this.


 JIMMY FALLON & CROSBY, STILLS AND NASH:  This time it's not abou the song or the bit.  Bringing together C,S & N we are again left asking...."HOW DOES HE DO IT"!

SLEEPING YANKEE FAN SUES FOR $10 MILLION:  Watch the video, he calls that teasing??  I thought New Yorkers were supposed to be tough! 

 LIFE OF CRIME LESSON #56:  Man who was a fugitive was caught by police after he appeared in the local newspaper's opinion section.  Apparently he believed his friends when they told him no one reads the paper anymore!

BACK TO THE GYM!!  After about a month off because of the move (which was workout enough) I got back to Planet Fitness this week!  OWWWWWWIIIIEEEEEEE!!!  


CHIA:  They are calling it the new "Super Food" and I have it in my Nutri-Bullet shake every morning (yep, I own one and love it).  I'm not going to lie, some mornings I want to spread the seeds on my head and see if they'll grow! 

HAPPINESS BLANKET:  British Airways is testing a new device called a "Happiness Blanket" that is like a "Mood Ring" for your body.  I'd be a lot happier on my flight without the screaming kid and a couple more drinks on my tray....just sayin'!

Till next time! 

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