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Two Sentence Tuesday

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It's official.  TWO SENTENCE TUESDAY has officially become "a thing".  Same rules still apply.  Things that are trending, things that are random.....and I give you my TWO SENTENCE take on it.  READY? GO!

BRITNEY SPEARS NOT AUTO-TUNED:  Last week everyone was talking about the non auto tuned audio clip of Britney and people were shocked she wasn't a good singer.  REAL or FAKE,  I'm shocked that people thought she was a good singer!


LEBRON JAMES:  4 years ago fans burned all the "King's" gear in protest.  Today-amnesia, forgiveness and a 20% increase in price on new jersey's are all a good thing in Cleveland.


CASSIDY STAY:   The 15-Year old lone survivor of the shooting that claimed her 6 family members quoted Harry Potter saying, "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light".  We could all learn from this demonstration of strength and character.


NEXT BIG THING IN DESSERT:  Bye Bye Cupcakes, hello MINI STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKES, the new "IN" dessert.  Any dessert that starts with "Mini" is not a dessert I'm willing to try! 


IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS:  Found a stray running the streets alone and scared after the Motley Crue Show, no chip, no collar and not fixed.  Watch The Price Is Right and be more responsible.



 DEREK JETER "RE2PECT" AD:  Instant hit online yesterday.  While Jeter deserves a tip of the cap the VA system is failing men who deserve the tip of the cap more. 



Till next time! 


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