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Beginnings: Cameron Troy

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of "BEGINNINGS".  In the weeks, months and years to come, I want to have a place where I can feature some of the great County talent you may not be hearing.  Its about exposing you to new talent, up and coming talent, talent on the verge of making it big, great song writing and interesting stories.

I'm always fascinated by how people get started on their journey.  Was it a moment of clarity, words of inspiration that empowered or were they simply just 'born' into it.  Whatever their story, this is where I'll feature it.  


Say hello to Ann Cameron and Steven Troy the new country duo, Cameron Troy.  Ann's story is one of faith, belief, determination and choosing not to listen when she didn't have a voice.  Read her story: 

"I lost my voice for 4 years.  I didn't speak at all, from age 12 to 16.  Due to some abuse I had suffered and being told no to tell anyone, my body created vocal cord nodules so that I couldn't speak.  After countless doctors misdiagnosed me, my Mom finally found a doctor who knew what was wrong with me.  He discovered the nodules and immediately did surgery to remove them.  He told my Mom, after the surgery, that it was much worse than he had originally thought and that in order to get all of the nodules, he had to remove 60% of my vocal cords.  He went on to tell my Mom, that I would probably not have a clear speaking voice, but that I would NEVER sing again.  Well, God heals ALL things!  We've started this journey hoping my story and our music could help the millions of women and men who have experience similar abuse as me. " 

My interview with Ann:


Watch Ann and Steven Tell their story:

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