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Darwin Award Winners........ALMOST!

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I'd like to think there comes a time in a person's life where there stop taking unnecessary risks when it comes to LIVING!  Personally, I like living.  I like waking up on the right side of the dirt every day to see what is in store for me. Why anyone would want to shorten the distance between themselves and the Grim Reaper is beyond me.  However, if not for them, we would not have the Darwin Awards.  Awards given out posthumously in honor of some poor LIFE CHOICES!

Thankfully, these people provide a great amount of "Entertainment Value" in their endeavors that are typically not very well thought out.  Or they simply want their display of bad decisions to "go viral" and "get the most views"!  Which is sort of ironic when you think about it because in all the perilous situations these "Susan Luccis of the Darwin Awards" put themselves in, they are one misstep away from their last viewing being in a funeral home.

With that said, I give you today's  "ALMOST" Darwin Award winners!

1.  A Tennessee Man films a tornado from 20 feet away!


2.  Couple takes selfie during storm!  (*some argue this one is fake)


3.  Zombie horde and angry driver causes woman to get injured at San Diego ComicCon.   This one is my favorite it it goes out to everyone on this video dressed as a zombie.  Look I like the Zombie genre as much as the next person.  HUGE FAN of THE WALKING DEAD.  However, I know something.....IT'S NOT REAL!!!  You're fake zombies, IT'S NOT REAL!  Traffic laws still apply.  Vehicles have the right of way if you are not in a cross walk.  Even with that said, IT'S NOT REAL!!  You're not the undead, you are human.  So when you see things getting out of hand, USE YOUR BRAINS....don't eat them.  This could have been A LOT worse, just sayin'!


 Till Next Time!




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