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The Power of Kindness

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I came across this video while browsing my news feed over a cup of coffee this morning (it's the usual routine before taking the dog for a walk).  To say I was moved is an understatement.  I from time to time, for no other reason than it makes me happy, will do things for others.  I've believed it is just good for the soul and the right thing to do.  I'll give you this example:


A few times a year I will walk into Kohls and buy one of thier stuff animals (you know the ones, where the $$ goes to their Kohl's Cares children's charities).  I will hang on to that 'stuffy' until I see a child that in my heart I feel would give it a good home.  I simply walk up to them, ask the adults who are with that child if it's okay to give the gift and I do.  What that little gesture does for me is priceless beyond the $5 for the toy.  If you've never done it...and then take a moment to soak in how you feel afterwards.  

With that in mind, watch this video.  This video makes me want to spread kindness more, for no other reason than my own happiness.  And yes, I tear up EVERY TIME I watch it! 

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