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Kickstarter To The Curb

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KICKSTARTER.  As it was intended is a brilliant idea.  A way for inventors to get funding for their ideas (how about that Dad with the WATER BALLOON invention), a way to raise money and awareness for non-profits and great causes.  GREAT, right?  However, there may be some who might not quite get it.  

At first I was mad at the guy who raised a whopping $63,000 to make his very first potato salad.  While he is going to blow some of that money on a glorified block party, he has pledged to help some local food charities.

Then, there are those who simply are throwing an idea out there and thinking to themselves......."let's see who bites on this"!  Kickstarter is on a very slippery slope.  Running the risk of going from Crowdfunding to "fund fishing" in point:


I give you Erick Sanchez.  Erick is attempting to raise $30,000 to have Kenny Loggins play his living room!  WHAT!!  I'm not sure what I'm more surprised at ........this guy's idea or the fact that Kenny Loggins is still getting that kind of cake to play.  What's even more surprise is that people are giving this guy money for his Kickstarter page.  Can't someone simply tell this guy "Negative Ghostrider, pattern is full" before he buzzes the Kickstarter tower and makes us spill our coffee.

At the very worst, this works....and Kenny Loggins will be going to the "Danger Zone" in Erick's livingroom (sounds dirty)! But if it does work, others will follow.  So I ask you, IF YOU WERE GOING TO START A KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN TO HAVE SOMEONE PLAY YOUR LIVING ROOM, WHO WOULD IT BE?


Till next time!


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