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Two Sentence Tuesday!

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Took a couple weeks off...but TWO SENTENCE TUESDAY is back with a vengeance. As always, 2 sentences (and sometimes video and links to go with it) to comment on the randomness in our world. Feel free to join in with your comments on line.  Here we go! 

1.  VOTE if you're able to!  It was the driving force as to why I become a citizen.

2.  EBOLA:  A scary disease that is going "viral" in EVERY sense of the word.  It also brings out the most amazing, selfless acts of courage in some people. 

3.  RAY RICE:  Suspended 2 games for what he did.  I think the Daily Show summed it up best.


 4.  This may surprise you but I'm not exactly in the Taylor Swift demo.  With that said, I can't help but like her when she does this.

 5.  Limited tackling and hitting in practice for High School Football.  If you're not conditioned to get hit, won't that lead to MORE injuries? 

6.  In Florida SAGGY PANTS WILL GET YOU 6 MONTHS IN JAIL. With all the crazy in Florida, FINALLY something that makes sense but good luck enforcing it!

7.  Why do cows have Kansas farmers who play the trombone?  In case their horns don't work!  

 8.  Baby girl stops crying and raises the roof when Katy Perry is played.  I think this fills up the cute meter for the day

 9.  CMA MUSIC FESTIVAL:  Hosted by Little Big Town. Its Country, Its Rock and here are some sneak peak videos


Till next time! 

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