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Zombies Are Real

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AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!   ZOMBIES ARE REAL!  Less than 2 months away from the season premiere of one of my favorite shows, "The Walking Dead", I felt it my duty to let you know that ZOMBIES ARE REAL.  In fact, this may come as a great shock to you, but YOU could be a zombie.  

What's that, CRAZY TALK you say!  You think I've completely snapped and have no idea what I'm talking about.  Well, give me just a couple paragraphs to explain myself and by the end I will have you convinced that ZOMBIES ARE REAL...and if you're not one, chances are you've seen them.


You know the zombies I speak of.  The ones who are slaves to their smart phones.  

The smart phones that have completely had their brains eaten by technology and fear being some sort of social outcast if they are not emailing and facebooking and tweeting and tumbling and youtubing 24/7.  There one BIG problem however!  It's when you try to do these things while driving.  VERY BAD IDEA!  

Look, we haven't even mastered the ability to walk and text at the same time ....what makes you think you can do it while operating a vehicle?  Now, as 'tongue and cheek' as this edition of The HayesWire may be....this is  a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM.  I see it every day whether I'm walking my dog or driving back and forth to work.  Oh, and here's a news flash, IT'S NOT JUST KIDS DOING IT!!  Ready for this, ADULTS, you are just as guilty of texing and driving as much, IF NOT MORE! This mentality of, "Oh, I can text and drive because I'm good at it and texting and driving accidents happen to other people but NOT ME".....has to stop.  If you continue to text and drive, you WILL get in an accident.  When you do, let's hope it's only a little fender bender and no one gets hurt, OR WORSE!  

Create better habits for yourself and your family.  Here are some examples:

!.  Start today by TAKING THE PLEDGE to Band Together.  Stop by and Davis-Moore location and get your thumb bands.  When you enter to take the pledge you could win an iPad Mini.  When you get in the car, it's PHONES DOWN, THUMBS UP!

2.  Are you and the family having dinner at the table.  If you are great!  Is it device free?  It should be. In fact, it's okay to create a certain time in the day when your household becomes device free. Anything connected to the internet should be off limits. 

3.  If your car has a hands free application and you're not using it...USE IT!  

Look, the world is not going to come to an end if you are not interacting with your smart phone for an hour.  However, your world or someone or the world of someone else COULD if you get in an accident texting and driving. 

Not so LOL, right?


Till Next Time! 


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