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Kristian Bush Interview

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If you missed the interview with Kristian Bush, here it is (includes his new song, "Trailer Hitch") 

Kristian Bush stopped by KFDI for a conference Room Concert.  This was a huge thrill for me (and I shared this story with him off air):  When I was doing the single dad thing for a short while, I had the morning routine pretty well down.  I'd get my daughter ready for daycare (she as about 5 at the time)...get her dressed, do her hair (she loved it when I put her hair up in "Shrek Ears"...ask me about it sometime)....then out the door we would go.  There was a little convenience store we would stop at every morning where the employees would spoil her and I'd get her a cinnamon/coffee cake muffin if she was good.  The we'd get back in the car and put the song "Baby Girl" in the CD Player.  My daughter Darla would sing (and she knew every word) at the top of her lungs from the back seat.  To this day, EVERY TIME I hear that song, I smile (and from time to time tear up).  

 Being able to share that story with the guy who had a hand in creating that memory for me, was a special moment in my 24 year radio career.  


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