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Two Sentence Tuesday

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It's Tuesday, it's September 2nd....seemed like the perfect time to bring back "2 SENTENCE TUESDAY".  It's my thoughts on the stuff you are talking about, the things that are trending ....and I only get 2 sentences.  HERE WE GO

CEE LO KRUGER:  He says it's only rape if you're awake.  To which Freddy replied, "Dude, that ain't right!".  (CLICK HERE for the full story!) 

CARRIE UNDERWOOD:  Announced on Labor Day she was expecting.  Her music is already a country favorite, imagine how popular she'll be when she starts singing about the baby! 

BRANGELINA:  A simple wedding with about 20 guests and their 6 children.  Nice to see I wasn't the only one who forgot his tie on his wedding day!

CELEB NUDE PHOTO SCANDAL:  The celebs are blaming Apple and the FBI is getting invovled.  If these were pictures of 'everyday people', I wonder if the FBI would get involved?

NEW HERSHEY LOGO:  The unfortunate likeness to an certain emoji has me thinking about never eating another Hershey kiss again.  JUST KIDDING!

WORD IT RIGHT ON FACEBOOK:  A Facebook friend posted, "Dad has departed" and the condolences poured in! She then posted, "OMG, no, he's gone back to Florida"....I'm still laughing!




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