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Supersizing is a Rip Off!!!!!

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Apparently Supersizing Is A Rip-Off!
Supersizing that fast-food meal may be the biggest rip-off of all time-- at least according to college student and McDonald's regular Allen Hsu of New Zealand. He wanted to find out if he there was true value in supersizing a medium McDonald's combo to the large size after he became concerned at the similarity between the two sizes. The 18-year-old counted the number of fries in three packs of medium McDonald's fries and three packs of large fries and found his initial suspicions proved right-- there were only 14 more fries in the large size. And one of the large fries had only one more French fry than a medium serving. Independent tests conducted by the New Zealand Herald yielded similar results finding there was only a 12 French fry difference between the medium and large sizes at McDonald's. McDonald's communication manager Christine Dennis said the fries' box size determined the amount of fries served as restaurant staff were trained to fill the packs. And Burger King's no better. On average, there was the same number of fries in Burger King's small-sized fries as the medium despite the 40 cents difference in price. Burger King's Rachel Allison said their medium-size french fries container was designed to hold 35 per cent more than the small size but this could differ depending on the server in each restaurant. However, KFC apparently not only does chicken right but supersized fries right too as their large size of french fries have almost twice the number of fries and twice the weight compared with their small size.


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