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Beat the Buffet. All you need is ONE TRIP.

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Shen Hongrui is an engineer in Beijing, China.  And he had a problem.  He loved going to the pizza and salad buffet at his local Pizza Hut, but their rules only allow people to take ONE PLATE of food.  So he never felt like he was getting enough.
So he put his engineering expertise to use and figured out a strategy ANY of us can use to maximize our trips to a buffet.  Whether you’re only allowed one trip, or whether you just want to get the most out of every trip, this trick’s for you.
#1.)  Put a layer of carrot sticks in a circle on the plate.
#2.)  Use cucumber slices to build a circle around the edge of the plate, on top of the carrot sticks.  Stack enough cucumber slices to build up a wall that’s about six to nine inches high.
#3.)  Fill the area inside of your cucumber circle with any food you want.
#4.)  Now repeat the process.  Put another circle of carrot sticks on top, then build another cucumber layer.  Fill that with food.
#5.)  Now do it again, building your third layer.
In the end, you’ll have a three-foot tower with carrot foundations and cucumber walls, and all the food you want in the middle.  You might even want to eat those vegetables, too.

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