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Did you ask me for money?

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I need to understand.

I was approached by a 40ish woman and her 20ish son in a parking lot last night at 8.  She was in her car speaking to me out a window.  She asked for food money because they were hungry.  I abruptly let her know that I wasn't going to help.  Kellie told them "He's mean."  We went on with our evening, but I can't help but replay the whole thing in my mind.  Was I going to be robbed if I went for my wallet?  They were - after all, in a car with the motor running.  Or, was I much too callous.

Was this a test of some sort?  Did I make the right decision? 

Let's make this clear.  Kellie is considerably more "charitible" than I am.  Maybe "trusting" is a better word. 

As Christmas approaches, I want to be the best person I can be.  This doesn't mean I have to have my wallet out for anyone who asks - right? 

I (we) give.  Alot.  This event left me a little freaked out.

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