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  • Buddy's Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

    Now, I'll admit, I am guessing just a little bit BUT if Buddy was to make New Year's Resolutions I think it would go something like this:

  • Me, Eric Church, Justin Moore and a motorized cooler...

    Yup that about sums up the night of the Eric Church show for me. I had been counting down the days to that show. I love Eric Church. But before that was such a rough day for me...I mean really, I had to interview Kip Moore!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Keith Urban. I love Don Williams. I love this video.

    Don Williams has such an amazing voice. Then add in Keith it.

  • This picture of my dog makes me laugh...

    I guess Buddy liked his new bone! Or is it a cigar? He sat in the backseat for quite a while just looking out the window and holding it like this. Crazy dog.

  • Ahhhhhh!!! Gary Allan's new video is here!

    I love Gary Allan.

  • 30 Things I'm Thankful For...

    So many of my Facebook friends have been posting the things they're thankful for - one thing each day for 30 days. I didn't do that. SO, I am going to do that right now.

  • What a great way to announce you're going on tour!

    Keith Urban is going on tour! No Wichita dates - yet. This is just the first leg though so don't fret - yet. He's got some special guests going out with the video to find out who!


    They are releasing a "Nashville" CD!

  • What you DIDN'T see when I was in Nashville...

    I did 67 interviews in two here's a little of what you didn't see of my time with the artists.

  • Tim McGraw's video - and I was there!

    It truly was "One Of Those Nights" - it's not every day you get invited to a private party with Tim McGraw! When I got the invitation I figured it was probably going to be Tim playing five, maybe six, songs acoustically.Which would have been super cool.

  • VOTE!

    I might be a rare voter these days - but I actually LIKE to vote on Election Day. There's just something very exciting about being able to cast your vote on election day. We hear so much about the presidential election - and it's an important election - but don't forget there are also other people running for office. And in Wichita we're also voting on water fluoridation. There are some important decisions to be made so do your part and VOTE!

  • WOWeeee from Nashville Part 2

    Shoot! What a few days I've had'll be hearing what I've been doing soon. Interviewing, interviewing, interviewing. It's really a crazy thing to do; you have about five minutes with each artist with no time to prepare before you talk - so you better be ready going in.

  • "Crazy Train" bluegrass style? Check this OUT!

    A LOT of artists have stopped by KFDI over the years and played for us - and we had an artist come by the other day who just really impressed me.

  • So what do Gary Allan, The Blue Angels and my niece Caitlyn have in common???

    I saw them ALL last weekend! In San Francisco no less. AND I also saw a new artist, Kacey Musgraves AND Alcatraz!

  • You HAVE to watch this - best Grand Ol' Opry invitation EVER!!!!!!

    I must say, I watched this a couple times and cried both times. I think Darius Rucker is an amazing artist and to see his reaction is priceless. And it will make you cry too. :)

  • Thank you McConnell AFB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What an absolutely incredible show this past weekend. I can't thank them enough for putting it on. I go every year they host an Open House and every year I am absolutely blown away. Going to the open house makes me proud, patriotic, humbled and absolutely overwhelmed. I was like a little kid taking video - so here are some of my highlights.

  • Ghost Tours in Delano!!!

    I'll admit it - I love ghost stories. I love ghost shows. I love "Celebrity Ghost Stories", "The Haunting", "Ghostly Encounters"..."My Ghost Story" and on and on. Yes, I watch them all. Actually, I lived in a haunted house when I was a kid for six years! You'd think that after that I wouldn't be so fascinated but maybe that is exactly why I AM fascinated!

  • Walk with Buddy and me this Saturday!

    Buddy and I would LOVE to see you this Saturday at Woodard Mercantile for the First Annual Shelly Poynter Memorial Dog Walk...

  • Fun Times with Easton Corbin!

    In honor of Easton's new CD "All Over The Road" coming out today - I thought I would repost a super funny, undercover, video we shot at the Listener Appreciation Show this year. I was chatting with Easton today and we talked about this and if you haven't seen it - you should. AND go buy the new's a straight-down-the-road COUNTRY CD. I really love his sound. Money well spent.

  • Buddy's Strange Addiction

    I got a new toy for Buddy. It's the weirdest toy ever and says that dogs love it. I was wondering if he would but he is obsessed with it - to the point I have to put it up because I don't think he'd ever quit playing with it. That said, it makes me laugh so hard to watch him play with it that I can't quit giving it to him!!!! Here's a video I shot of him...

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