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  • A sneak at a cut off Dierks' new album!

    Dierks Bentley has a new CD coming out on Tuesday, called "Home". I really think you'll like it - especially if you're a Dierks fan! Here's a little sneak and story behind an album cut called "5-1-5-0"...

  • I love Betty White

    I really, really, really, really do. I have loved her since she played Sue Ann Nivens on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. THEN, I loved her even more on The Golden Girls. (And by the way did you know they wanted her to play Blanche put she didn't want to play another character like Sue Ann - and I'm glad she was Rose, she was perfect!)

  • My #1 CD of 2011... not a surprise to anyone. It's Eric Church's "Chief"!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My #2 CD of 2011 - Chris Young

    This was a total no-brainer for me. "Neon" is one amazing CD.

  • My #3 CD of 2011 - Miranda Lambert

    I'm sure Miranda Lambert had a lot of pressure on her when it came time to release her fourth CD. After releasing "Revolution" she finally got the recognition she deserved but it also set everyone's expectations really high for her next CD. I think she absolutely lived up to that expectation with "Four The Record".

  • My #4 CD of 2011 - Ronnie Dunn

    I wonder if Ronnie Dunn was nervous when he put out this CD. I mean, he had huge success with the Top Duo ever in country music; he walked away from that and then put out a CD that (I think) is better than anything he ever did with Kix. (with all respect to Kix and B&D fans everywhere!)

  • My #5 CD of 2011 - Ashton Shepherd

    As soon as I heard "Look it Up" the first single off Ashton's new CD "Where Country Grows", I KNEW I was going to love the CD. And I was not disappointed.

  • My #6 CD 0f 2011 - Blake Shelton

    Blake Shelton has had one heckuva 2011 - he was on a hit TV show, got married, won male vocalist of the year and put out one great CD "Red River Blue".

  • My #7 CD of 2011 - Hunter Hayes

    This one might surprise a few people - but it's probably because they haven't heard the CD.

  • My #8 CD of 2011 - Lady A

    There was sure a lot of high expectations when it came time for Lady Antebellum to release their third CD "We Own The Night" and I think they did a brilliant job of showcasing what they do so well. For me, this CD isn't breaking any new ground for the band but it's really solidifying their place in country music. Now, that said, I don't hear this is as a very "country" sounding CD. Definitely much more pop sounding than country sounding.

  • My #9 CD of 2011 - Luke Bryan

    I think "Tailgates and Tanlines" is definitely his best CD yet. I'll admit it - I find "Country Girl" to be probably my biggest guilty pleasure of the year. The song really doesn't have much lyrical value but it's fun and there's something about the feel of that song that just draws me in. That said, I'm way to old to be shaking it for anyone.

  • My #10 CD - Brad Paisley

    BRAD PAISLEY - This is Country Music

  • Buddy's Top Ten Resolutions for 2012

    Buddy and I thought it would be good to set some goals for 2012. So after a lengthy discussion here is what he came up with...

  • Picking out my Top 5 songs is TOUGH!!!!

    When you think about all the songs released this year - it's really hard to pick your Top 5. Part of the problem I have with picking out songs is when a song is released early in the year, I'm kind of burned out on it by the end of the year! And it's also one of those things that the more you think about it, the more you change your mind! So by posting this, I'm committing to it.

  • How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

    This makes me laugh! And I can't figure out how they got their cat to go along with this!!! Enjoy!

  • Need to wrap a cat for Christmas???

    This makes me laugh! And I can't figure out how they got their cat to go along with this!!! Enjoy!

  • Dustin Lynch - Remember that name...

    One thing I absolutely love about my job is meeting the new artists. They take new artists around on what they call a "radio tour" which is exactly what you think it is. They take them to stations to meet the program director (my boss) and the music director (ME!). So when you hear about me talking about "conference room concerts" or "basement concerts", those are the new artists trying to break into country music.

  • Deck the Halls by a chorus of animals!

    I can't believe this isn't one of those videos that you've seen 100 times by now. It's so cute!!!!

  • Check out Jerrod Niemann video on our Video Page!!!

    Have you ever checked out our video page???? We have ALL kinds of videos on this page - click on my name and you'll see video of Jerrod Niemann's in-studio visit yesterday. Click on the "concerts" tab and see video from some of our amazing Basement Concerts!

  • The only thing better than a video with dogs and babies is...

    ...a video with dogs and LAUGHING babies!!! This will make you smile.

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