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  • Miranda's performance of "The House That Built Me" Saturday night...

    I will have to say that being at Intrust Bank Arena while during a tornado warning was going on was something I certainly had nevered experienced. Usually you experience something like that with your family in a basement or someplace you've taken shelter but being someplace with thousands of other people was so surreal. I was impressed how calm everyone was. I was very lucky to be with a couple of my record guys who work with Miranda, Chris and Jerrod's labels so they took me back stage to watch the radar - I later realized we were in Jerrod Niemann's dressing room.

  • Have you seen this video???? It's so sweet!

    Have you watched this about Caine and his do-it-yourself video? It really touched my heart. They've raised a lot of money too to help put this incredible boy through college. It's about ten minutes long - but it's definitely worth taking ten minutes to watch it. It makes you feel like there are lots of good people in this world!

  • Dog-N-Jog for a good cause!!!

    Coming up Saturday, April 21st, don't miss Dog-N-Jog! Get out and enjoy a run with your dog AND help out the Kansas Humane Society.

  • Who knew Chris Young could breakdance????

    I sure didn't - but then we all have our secrets, don't we? Check his dancing skills out!

  • Soldiers + dogs = me crying...

    Everytime I see one of these videos with soldiers coming home and seeing their dogs, I always get all choked up. I like this video I saw from The Today Show because they talk to the couple and you can tell just how much they love their dog:

  • Check out Dustin Lynch!

    We are so excited to have Dustin Lynch on our Listener Appreciation Show line up. As the music director, I have the pleasure of meeting lots of new artists and when we saw Dustin on his bus I remember my boss, Beverlee, and I walking back into our building talking about how great he'd be on the Listener Appreciation Show! AND IT HAPPENED! I can't wait for you to see him too. He's a terrific songwriter. All the tickets are free, but you do need one so make sure to get one and join us April 28th at Charles Koch Arena.

  • Jon Pardi - one of the best Conference Room Concerts in a long time!

    One thing is for sure - you will never hear me complain about my job. I love music and one of my favorite parts of my job is hearing new music and meeting new artists. That's why I love having artists come by to perform for us. Recently, Jon Pardi stopped in and he blew me away. He's a great songwriter and (in my humble opinion) has everything in place to really make it in this business. Check out his Conference Room performance

  • Edens Edge and the Kansas Humane Society!!!

    I have to tell you - Edens Edge was absolutely fantastic last week at the Humane Society. If you ever get a chance to go see them, please do. You'll love them. Hannah has (I think) one of the best voices in country music today. And then add in Dean and Cherrill and they will blow you away too. The playing is exceptional, the harmonies are exceptional the chemistry between the three is fantastic.

  • Check out Carrie's new video!

    I know there are one zillion Carrie Underwood fans in Wichita. I might be overstating just a little - a half a zillion at least. Here's her brand new video for "Good Girl"!

  • This is almost a cute overload!!!!!!!!

    I'm beginning to think I like these two girls more than I like Ellen!!!! Ellen has really made them stars that's for sure. If you haven't heard of Sophia Rose and this! They are quite good at interviewing and I could learn a thing or two from them. I mean, I've never even thought to ask someone if they get hungry when singing!!!

  • Luke Bryan sings Adele!

    Of all the people you'd think that Luke Bryan would cover in his live show - who would have thought Adele? Not me, that's for sure. But check it out for yourself!

  • For all my cat-loving friends...

    This is your daily dose of cute. Nothing like baby kitties!!!!

  • This is when I fell in love with Edens Edge...

    I'm sure you've heard me talk about "Conference Room Concerts"'s when new artists go to radio stations across the country to meet the programmers (and hopefully some staff and some listeners) and they perform for them. I have seen a LOT of people in our conference room over the years, from Lady A to Luke Bryan, and I love it when I get very excited about a new act.

  • Look at Buddy The Wonder Dog!!!!!

    Buddy and I have had so much fun taking agility classes. It's such a great way to work with your dog and I think it's as much fun for him as it is for me. Here is Buddy before class started:

  • Dierks and his daughter - this is beyond sweet!

    Dierks Bentley has a new CD coming out on Tuesday. "Home", and there's a song on it that just touches my heart. It's the last cut on the CD called "Thinking of You" and it's obviously written about his family:

  • A sneak at a cut off Dierks' new album!

    Dierks Bentley has a new CD coming out on Tuesday, called "Home". I really think you'll like it - especially if you're a Dierks fan! Here's a little sneak and story behind an album cut called "5-1-5-0"...

  • I love Betty White

    I really, really, really, really do. I have loved her since she played Sue Ann Nivens on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. THEN, I loved her even more on The Golden Girls. (And by the way did you know they wanted her to play Blanche put she didn't want to play another character like Sue Ann - and I'm glad she was Rose, she was perfect!)

  • My #1 CD of 2011... not a surprise to anyone. It's Eric Church's "Chief"!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My #2 CD of 2011 - Chris Young

    This was a total no-brainer for me. "Neon" is one amazing CD.

  • My #3 CD of 2011 - Miranda Lambert

    I'm sure Miranda Lambert had a lot of pressure on her when it came time to release her fourth CD. After releasing "Revolution" she finally got the recognition she deserved but it also set everyone's expectations really high for her next CD. I think she absolutely lived up to that expectation with "Four The Record".

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