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  • Picking out my Top 5 songs is TOUGH!!!!

    When you think about all the songs released this year - it's really hard to pick your Top 5. Part of the problem I have with picking out songs is when a song is released early in the year, I'm kind of burned out on it by the end of the year! And it's also one of those things that the more you think about it, the more you change your mind! So by posting this, I'm committing to it.

  • How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

    This makes me laugh! And I can't figure out how they got their cat to go along with this!!! Enjoy!

  • Need to wrap a cat for Christmas???

    This makes me laugh! And I can't figure out how they got their cat to go along with this!!! Enjoy!

  • Dustin Lynch - Remember that name...

    One thing I absolutely love about my job is meeting the new artists. They take new artists around on what they call a "radio tour" which is exactly what you think it is. They take them to stations to meet the program director (my boss) and the music director (ME!). So when you hear about me talking about "conference room concerts" or "basement concerts", those are the new artists trying to break into country music.

  • Deck the Halls by a chorus of animals!

    I can't believe this isn't one of those videos that you've seen 100 times by now. It's so cute!!!!

  • Check out Jerrod Niemann video on our Video Page!!!

    Have you ever checked out our video page???? We have ALL kinds of videos on this page - click on my name and you'll see video of Jerrod Niemann's in-studio visit yesterday. Click on the "concerts" tab and see video from some of our amazing Basement Concerts!

  • The only thing better than a video with dogs and babies is...

    ...a video with dogs and LAUGHING babies!!! This will make you smile.

  • This will make you cry and touch your heart

    I had several people send me this video and I did NOT want to watch it because I knew it would make me cry. And it did. But I think it's important to know that dogs are used for product testing and these are dogs that had never lived outside of a kennel - in fact they have never been outside. Grab a Kleenex!

  • Do you need help this Christmas???

    If you need help getting gifts for your children this Christmas DO NOT WAIT to apply for assistance! Operation Holiday is accepting applications for assistance but only through this Friday. Don't wait until it's too late - here is the information about Operation Holiday:

  • One of many things I am thankful for...

    I am so thankful for my little Buddy and my good health!

  • My visit to James Stroud's studio!

    When I got the invitation to go to James Stroud's studio in Nashville I thought it was a basic tour of the studio - which I thought would be really cool. I mean the guy has played with everyone from Ike and Tina to Elton John; he discovered Toby Keith; he's produced a zillion amazing records you have in your collection AND has produced 130 NUMBER ONE songs. Not 130 "hit" songs - NUMBER ONE SONGS!

  • What a few days!

    Boy, I don't even know where to start!

  • Carol's Speed Interview Session!!!!

    So how many interviews can a girl do in a day??? I think I discovered that it's 30. That's how many I did yesterday. I said yesterday it was like I got hit with a Radio Interview Freight Traine!

  • Hello from Nashville!!!


  • Spread the word - free cats and kittens this Saturday!

    The Kansas Humane Society is offering FREE cats and kittens this Saturday! They have more than 50 cats and kittens that need to find homes - because sadly, they need to make room for more cats. So you can take home a new family member this Saturday for free.

  • Seriously - how can people be so cruel???????

    See this precious kitten????

  • Help me find Diego a home!

    I can't believe how cruel people can be.

  • Martina McBride in Newton!!!

    What a day!!!! If you weren't able to make it to Newton yesterday, our videographer here at work put together an amazing video that really captured the feel of the event. Thank you Phil Arensman for doing such an fantastic job with this video.

  • Funny Toby Keith video! Check it out...

    This makes me laugh.

  • My video interview with Lauren Alaina!

    Talk about a DARLING young woman! Just in case you are not an American Idol fan, Lauren came in second last season to Scotty McCreery. Two teenagers, both singing country music! Since I watched American Idol last season I honestly felt like I knew Lauren Alaina before I even met her. In person, she is the exact girl you'd think she'd be: she's engaging, she's fun, she likes to laugh and doesn't take herself too seriously.

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