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  • I love dogs.

    I keep watching this video trying to figure out - either that's the smallest bathtub ever or the biggest dog ever!!!

  • Walk with Carol and Buddy Hughes!

    I could not be more excited that Martina McBride is going to tell you about our dog walk...


    Come to our FREE show with Bigger Picture Recording Artist, Craig Campbell!

  • Sneak Peek #1 of Jake Owen's new CD!

    Jake Owen's new CD "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" comes out next Tuesday, but here's a little sneak peek of it! I've been listening to it a week or so now and there's something about this song I find so incredibly touching. It's called "The Journey Of Your Life" and it's one of those songs I fell in love with the very first time I heard it. Give it a listen and then go buy the CD next week!!!

  • Big adoption event at the KS Humane Society

    As you know...I am a big advocate for adopting rescue animals. There are just WAY too many animals that don't have homes and would make a great pet, if someone would just give them a chance. And this Saturday, the Kansas Humane Society is having a big event and they want to adopt 100 animals!

  • New Martina video - grab some tissue!!!

    You're going a need few klennex to get through this - it is a powerful video.

  • Check this out! New music from JAKE OWEN!

    Let me preface all of what I am about to say with this:

  • Finding the dog that's right for YOU!

    Did you know the Kansas Humane Society has a great program that helps you find the right dog for you??? The dogs are all assessed so you know if you're getting a wound-up, high-energy dog or if you're getting more laid-back, low-energy dog. The right match for you is so important. So many dogs are left at the shelter because people didn't find the dog that meets their lifestyle.

  • My thoughts on Luke Bryan's new CD...

    I'm going to just keep it simple. I LOVE THIS CD!

  • Why I Like Dogs - Reason #582

    There are one million reasons I love dogs. This video is Reason #582. I had to watch it over and over!!!

  • My Dad and Merle Haggard

    July 28th was the day my Dad died. There was a time in my life I never thought I would get through it. It was just so hard to function in a world that didn't have my Dad in it. I was very close with my Dad and after he died it was such a struggle to get through time went by it got better. July 28th started getting easier each year.

  • This video makes me SMILE!

    I love dogs. This is just one more reason why I love them. I's hot, he likes the pool, so why not bring it inside? Makes sense if you're a dog!

  • KFDI's John Wright on the front page of the paper!!!!

    I was so surprised when I picked up the paper today and saw my friend John Wright on front page!! Everyone knows John as a very talented newsguy and a dedicated storm chaser...but John works so hard with kids coaching basketball and track. And he's been working very hard with his talented son, Matthew!!!!

  • This story made me MAD!!!

    I saw this article in the Wichita Eagle and it really bothered me. It is TOO HOT to leave anyone in the car, let alone a child. It just makes me ANGRY!

  • Ronnie Dunn's new video - a MUST see!

    The first time I heard Ronnie Dunn's new single "Cost of Livin'", it gave me goosebumps and put tears in my eyes. There are so many people struggling right now and this song really touched my heart. When you hear him sing it - you feel that struggle. I immediately hit replay probably ten times, I just couldn't quit listening to it.

  • New Music from Eric Church

    Carol Hughes reviews "Chief" and gives you the chance to win the new cd.

  • Closing Weekend :(

    I can't believe that my show is closing this weekend. It sure doesn't seem like "Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County" has already been running for seven weeks! It went so fast!!!!

  • Three AMAZING CDs out this week!!!!

    Do you have a little extra money for some terrific music? Since my job is to listen to music - I get REALLY excited when a great CD comes out - so imagine how excited I am about three amazing CDs all out this week.

  • Gary LeVox Pens a Tribute to Caylee Anthony

    So many people have been affected by the verdict in the Casey Anthony included. I can't speak for the jury and why they handed down the verdict they did - I'm certainly not here to judge them or anyone - I think there is a much greater power who will judge Casey Anthony when that times comes. Gary LeVox was one of those who was deeply affected by the outcome of that trial and he teamed up with Cledus T. Judd and Jimmy Yeary and wrote a very touching song about it called "She's Going Places" as a tribute to little Caylee.

  • Cat Independence Days!!!

    Do you need a loving new family member in your home? Someone you can snuggle with and who will love you unconditionally??? Like my little Bob????

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