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  • C'mon! $1.5 million for one DOG?????

    I recently came across a story about a guy from China who bought a Red Tibetan Mastiff for $1.5 MILLION! OK, I get that it's a rare breed but C'MON!!!!!!!!!!! That's beyond ridiculous to me. I am a big fan of getting dogs from rescue organizations. I actually really don't understand the attraction of purchasing a purebred dog anyway when there are so many dogs waiting for homes.

  • My Brett Eldredge Documentary

    Saturday was my first attempt at documentary filmmaking. I do think I have a thing or two to learn yet. Like maybe a lot to learn - but at least I had fun trying!

  • My Walker Hayes Documentary

    Maybe I should say my Walker Hayes "Documentary" because I'm really not all that good at shooting documentaries. However, I did have fun! Both Brett and Walker were so nice to our listeners - and both of them had a great time at our show that's because we had such a great audience. :)

  • Go Cubs Go!

    It's my favorite day of the year - Opening Day at Wrigley Field. I really wanted to go this year because it's so close to my birthday that it would be a fun birthday trip. BUT, then I thought it would also be fun to go to L.A. to see my darling niece, Caitlyn, who is going to fashion school there. Caitlyn won. But what I wouldn't give to be at Wrigley Field today. It's truly one of my favorite places on earth.

  • See Josh Kelley live AND help the animals!!!!!

    I am so excited!!!!!

  • We're CRUISING!!!!!!!!!!

    We'll be doing it again...

  • Looking for the Next Great Sentence!!!! You could WIN!

    As many of you know, I write plays for Mosley Street Melodrama and I'm currently smack in the middle of writing my new show "Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County" and I'm looking for a great sentence to add to my show! Be creative - funny - wacky - odd - just keep it clean. (Nothing more that PG!) I will not only include your brilliant sentence in my next play - but EVERY cast member, all six of them, will say your sentence at one point during the show. I will even credit you!!! It will be:

  • Last call for The Next Great Sentence!

    I'm looking for the Next Great Sentence for my new show "Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County"!!

  • The "Next Great Sentence Contest" Finalists!!!!

    I have been busy, busy, busy trying to finish my new play "Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County" opening May 26th at Mosley Street Melodrama. One night while writing it I thought it would be fun to have a sentence-writing contest - we did - and now here are our finalists!!!

  • Hunter Hayes - KFDI Conference Room Concert

    One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing the new artists - that's why I love the Conference Room Concerts. This weeks I saw the most unique conference room visit ever.

  • For my Dog-Loving Friends!

    I think this video is seriously funny. I have watched it more than ten times and every time I watch it I laugh again! I'm laughing right now as I write this because I'm thinking about it. Watch it and enjoy!!!

  • KFDI made Currington TV!!!!

    Hey! Check this out!!! If you went to the Kenny Chesney/Billy Currington show you know we were out playing the corn hold game before the show. If you went into the show early - you might not have realized we had a special guest stop by to congratulate the winners. (It's about at the 3:37 mark)

  • You could see Tim McGraw's acoustic performance!

    This week we are giving people the chance to win the Ultimate Backstage Experience with Tim McGraw...but what IS the ultimate backstage experience????? I went to this last year when he was at Intrust Bank Arena and it's totally cool. A few songs...a little Q and A....and this is a little video I shot. I'm sorry it's not great. You see, the problem is that I am vertically challenged. I'm too short for things like this so I had to hold my camera up a little higher because of my height issues. :)

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