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  • Get ready for our Listener Appreciation Show!

    In a previous post I said how much I enjoyed Brett Eldredge's Conference Room visit. His songs were really great - and I saw this video on his website the other day and thought I would share it. I love his voice and the guy can really sing Frank Sinatra. I wonder if we could get him to sing a little Frank at our show??? That would be cool.

  • You would be proud too!

    If you know one thing about me, it's that I love animals. In particular my dog, Buddy. As many of you know, he was a little rescue puppy. I got him at seven weeks old and he was great with me, great in my house, very smart but VERY afraid of everything. Scooters, skateboards, bikes, KIDS (still is afraid of kids) and actually pretty much afraid of anyone he didn't know.

  • Keith Urban's New Video

    OK, I just might be Keith Urban's biggest fan. And yes, there are many women who would argue with me about that. I just love him a LOT! So I was very excited when I saw he released his new video today. I think "Without You" just might be my favorite Keith Urban song ever. When I first got the CD and I got to that song I probably replayed it at least ten times before I went to the next song.

  • A Beautiful Tribute

    It sure doesn't seem possible but it was 20 years ago today that Reba McEntire lost seven band members along with her tour manager in a horrific plane accident. They were leaving San Diego and the plane's wing somehow clipped some rocks near a peak of Otay Mountain. Reba had actually skipped the flight, she had been sick and her husband had advisd her to stay and get a good night's sleep and fly out the next day.

  • C'mon! $1.5 million for one DOG?????

    I recently came across a story about a guy from China who bought a Red Tibetan Mastiff for $1.5 MILLION! OK, I get that it's a rare breed but C'MON!!!!!!!!!!! That's beyond ridiculous to me. I am a big fan of getting dogs from rescue organizations. I actually really don't understand the attraction of purchasing a purebred dog anyway when there are so many dogs waiting for homes.

  • My Brett Eldredge Documentary

    Saturday was my first attempt at documentary filmmaking. I do think I have a thing or two to learn yet. Like maybe a lot to learn - but at least I had fun trying!

  • My Walker Hayes Documentary

    Maybe I should say my Walker Hayes "Documentary" because I'm really not all that good at shooting documentaries. However, I did have fun! Both Brett and Walker were so nice to our listeners - and both of them had a great time at our show that's because we had such a great audience. :)

  • Go Cubs Go!

    It's my favorite day of the year - Opening Day at Wrigley Field. I really wanted to go this year because it's so close to my birthday that it would be a fun birthday trip. BUT, then I thought it would also be fun to go to L.A. to see my darling niece, Caitlyn, who is going to fashion school there. Caitlyn won. But what I wouldn't give to be at Wrigley Field today. It's truly one of my favorite places on earth.

  • See Josh Kelley live AND help the animals!!!!!

    I am so excited!!!!!

  • We're CRUISING!!!!!!!!!!

    We'll be doing it again...

  • Looking for the Next Great Sentence!!!! You could WIN!

    As many of you know, I write plays for Mosley Street Melodrama and I'm currently smack in the middle of writing my new show "Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County" and I'm looking for a great sentence to add to my show! Be creative - funny - wacky - odd - just keep it clean. (Nothing more that PG!) I will not only include your brilliant sentence in my next play - but EVERY cast member, all six of them, will say your sentence at one point during the show. I will even credit you!!! It will be:

  • Last call for The Next Great Sentence!

    I'm looking for the Next Great Sentence for my new show "Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County"!!

  • The "Next Great Sentence Contest" Finalists!!!!

    I have been busy, busy, busy trying to finish my new play "Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County" opening May 26th at Mosley Street Melodrama. One night while writing it I thought it would be fun to have a sentence-writing contest - we did - and now here are our finalists!!!

  • Hunter Hayes - KFDI Conference Room Concert

    One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing the new artists - that's why I love the Conference Room Concerts. This weeks I saw the most unique conference room visit ever.

  • For my Dog-Loving Friends!

    I think this video is seriously funny. I have watched it more than ten times and every time I watch it I laugh again! I'm laughing right now as I write this because I'm thinking about it. Watch it and enjoy!!!

  • KFDI made Currington TV!!!!

    Hey! Check this out!!! If you went to the Kenny Chesney/Billy Currington show you know we were out playing the corn hold game before the show. If you went into the show early - you might not have realized we had a special guest stop by to congratulate the winners. (It's about at the 3:37 mark)

  • You could see Tim McGraw's acoustic performance!

    This week we are giving people the chance to win the Ultimate Backstage Experience with Tim McGraw...but what IS the ultimate backstage experience????? I went to this last year when he was at Intrust Bank Arena and it's totally cool. A few songs...a little Q and A....and this is a little video I shot. I'm sorry it's not great. You see, the problem is that I am vertically challenged. I'm too short for things like this so I had to hold my camera up a little higher because of my height issues. :)

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