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  • Buddy's Bracketology

    I figured my dog knows as much about basketball as I do so I let him pick the bracket for me. It's super scientific too. Here's how we did it:

  • Buddy playing with his BFF!

    Since I was stuck at home last week recovering from surgery, at least I had something fun to wach! These two make feeling bad so much better. I watch them play for hours. :) They can't, they poop out. This is Buddy with his best friend Penelope...

  • My chat with Jason Aldean!

    It's a good day when you get a chance to talk to Jason Aldean. So today was a SUPER good day!!!!

  • Road trip to see Justin Moore!

    Well, Justin Moore, Dustin Lynch and Jon Pardi!!!!!!!!!!


    OK, it's not a CD of new music but it is a new CD. His first LIVE CD - "Caught In The Act" and it's coming out just in time for my birthday on April 9th. (My birthday is April 10th so I'm sure it was planned.)

  • Behind The Scenes Day 2!

    Simply put - we can not have a successful St. Jude Radiothon without your help. We NEED your help! Please become a Partner In Hope. Call 1-800-335-5439.

  • Behind The Scenes at our St. Jude Radiothon

    I wanted to do a little video so you could see what it looks like behind the scenes here. Thank you to everyone who has already become a Partner In Hope and if you haven't yet - please do - the number is 1-800-335-5439.

  • Jana Kramer's Proposal - Caught on Video!

    So you know Jana is engaged to Brantley Gilbert - last night at our St. Jude benefit she had another proposal! And even said YES! Before the show she said that a guy tweeted her that he was coming to the show and wanted to propose. She said if he proposed to her on stage she would make a donation to St. Jude. He proposed and she made a 500 DOLLAR DONATION to St. Jude! And the funny thing is when Jana asked the audience who wanted to propose to her, he didn't say a word. His wife is the one who spoke up!

  • Thank You, Dan Dillon

    Friday, February 8th is Dan Dillon Day here in Wichita and I don't think as a city we could honor a more deserving person.

  • My chat with Brad Paisley!

    It was a happy day for me today. Because not every day do you get to chat with BRAD PAISLEY!!!

  • This sweet kitty needs a home!!!!

  • Cutest Version of "Creepin'" EVER!

    And I never actually thought of the song "Creepin'" and "cute" in the same thought before but this is cute. I'm not exactly sure what lyrics he's singing but it's awfully fun to watch him sing!

  • My wonderful friend Jenny Mitchell and her wonderful benefit...

    I love my friend Jenny's big heart - and I love her theater group, "Laughing Feet Performers". Laughing Feet isn't your typical theater group. This is a group where special-needs kids and young adults can experience the fun and excitement of being on stage. I had the pleasure of emceeing it last year with Sierra Scott (who was so much fun!) and it was one of the most heartwarming things I have ever done.

  • This is why I like Charlie Worsham...

    ...and this is why you need to go see him Friday at The Cotillion! You heard me play his new single "Could It Be" (and doesn't he sound like Vince Gill?) and I have to tell you - Charlie Worsham won me over when he came to KFDI for a visit last fall. This was his first song he sang for us and let's just say, he had me at "Crazy Train".

  • Thank you, KFDI Listeners!

    It doesn't seem like it - but last week I celebrated my 13th YEAR on the air at KFDI.

  • My Top Ten CDs of 2012! #5-#1!!!!!!!!

    Now keep in mind these are simply the CDs that I liked more than other CDs this year. Nothing scientific about it. You might agree you might not. :)

  • My Top 10 CDs of 2012! #10-#6

    Now keep in mind - this is all just MY opinion! You might agree and you might not. The CDs I pick have to be released in this calendar year (so you will not see Eric Church on this list, he was my number one LAST year!)

  • Buddy's Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

    Now, I'll admit, I am guessing just a little bit BUT if Buddy was to make New Year's Resolutions I think it would go something like this:

  • Me, Eric Church, Justin Moore and a motorized cooler...

    Yup that about sums up the night of the Eric Church show for me. I had been counting down the days to that show. I love Eric Church. But before that was such a rough day for me...I mean really, I had to interview Kip Moore!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Keith Urban. I love Don Williams. I love this video.

    Don Williams has such an amazing voice. Then add in Keith it.

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