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Trying again!

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Seriously! I have been trying and trying to post a new blog! We just changed how we do our web posting recently and I tell you what - it's been a big learning curve for me. I keep messing it up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I actually do it right this time. Sometimes it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I don't like to think of myself as an old dog - but if the collar fits...

So I am using my dog, Buddy, as motivation. Buddy is four and a half now and as many of you know, he was a little rescue puppy that someone had abandoned. He was afraid of absolutely everything - from kids, to bikes, to scooters and skateboards (VERY afraid of them and still working on that but getting better), he would just shut down and turn around and try to run away. We've been working very hard on all his issues and I realized after my Lily died the Buddy was actually a very fast learner! I would teach him a trick and he'd learn it in minutes. So in July I enrolled him Foundations for Agility thinking that would be a fun thing to do and would help him come out of his shell even more. Well, I am proud to say that Buddy graduated and is now in REAL agility classes. So if Buddy can learn new things - so can I! He is now walking on the teeter totter, the dog walk, the A-Frame and has mastered the tunnel. So if Buddy can learn new things, I know I can!


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