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The Training Continues!

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I am so proud - I successfully posted a new blog! My goal is to post a little something new every day so I was talking to our webmaster, Chris, that I would try again today and then next I would try to upload video. BIG STEP! So he said "why not today?" So this is my lesson in adding video to my blog.

This is video we did when Darius Rucker came through on his radio tour a couple years ago. You might have seen it before - it has over 450,000 hits on youtube (weird) and one day I was reading the comments which I wouldn't ever recommend doing. People can be very mean when they are posting anonymously! But several meanies commented that I start laughing in the song and that was horrible for me to do. is the back story...

While we were in a commercial break we were talking about his first single "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" and how I loved the line "Between the work and the hurt and the whiskey"...because for his first single in the country format he needed whiskey in there! Apparently, the whiskey part almost didn't end up in the song (that surprised me). We were laughing how you could turn any song into a country song if you add in something about Budweiser or watch the video and see how he turned "Let Her Cry" into a country song...and that is why I was laughing!


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