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The Witches of Eastborough!

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Well, last weekend was opening weekend for my 15th show at Mosley Street Melodrama - and no that wasn't a typo - 15 is correct! Can you believe that??? It seems like it wasn't all that long ago I wrote my first play. I have actually written 14 shows and one of them we did twice. We had a great opening weekend.  If you've ever heard the term "opening night jitters" let me  tell you it really does exist. I think it's because I really want people to like the shows. I love hearing the crowd laugh and I'm always nervous that they won't! There have been a couple of those opening nights that didn't go so well. But last weekend was terrific! One of the best opening weekends ever for me. It's such a great cast - all of them have been in my shows before and it's been so much fun to work with them on this show.

One night, several months ago, a woman asked me about this show, "The Witches of Eastborough" and at that point I hadn't even started it and she said "Well, don't be mean". I thought that was such an odd thing to say - I want to make people laugh, I don't want to be mean to anyone! anyone thinking that this show is "mean", it is absolutely not mean. Of course there are a couple Eastborough jokes in the show but it's all in fun so to anyone from Eastborough I don't mean any offense, I'm just having some fun!

Writing these melodramas is so much fun for me and I would like to thank everyone who has come to one of my silly shows over the years. Thank you for letting me continue such a fun hobby! And to Patty and my friends at Mosley Street Melodrama - I love you all bunches! And YES! We will have a KFDI Night so please be listening for your chance to win tickets!

"The Witches of Eastborough" starring Steven Hitchock, Tara Schaffer, John Bates, Patty Reeder, Barb Schoenhofer and the very short Tom Frye. (Tom also directed!)

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