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The Amazing Buddy!

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You all know how crazy I am about my dog, Buddy. Many of you remember my rottweiler, Lily. Lily was a great girl and two years before she died I came home one day with two seven-week-old puppies. Needless to say, she was NOT happy about that. I found a home for the little girl puppy but no one wanted Buddy. I remember telling everyone he'd make someone a great pet and my friend said, "Yes, for YOU!" Buddy and Lily ended up being best friends and it was so fun to watch them together. Despite the fact that Buddy had a great home and BFF he was still afraid of everything; kids, scooters, bikes, people, rollerblades, he was just a very scared little dog.

If you read my previous post you know about him and his new classes. I enrolled him in a Foundations for Agility class just to see how he'd like it and he graduated!! So then I enrolled him in an actual agility class and tonight is his last night of that class - and we will definitely be taking more classes. His next class starts in a month. The first class I thought there is NO WAY I will get my dog on a teeter totter or a ramp, or a dog walk/ramp. I'm so proud! He has done everything I asked - AND - despite the fact that he did fall off (and yes, it totally freaked me out) he got right back up and did it again. One of my friends is going with me tonight for pictures and video so I hope I can get them on this site tomorrow so you can see him in action.


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