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Please vote for ME!

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I know, it's election season and everyone is asking for your vote. Now, here I go asking for you to vote for me BUT I don't want to be governor or senator (too much work) I want to interview REBA!!!

I entered a contest last week and I am in the Top Ten!!! Here's what it is: the winning female radio broadcaster joins a panel of nationally-syndicated radio women to interview Reba about her new CD "All The Women I Am" (think "The View") and the super-cool part is the winner gets to take TWO listeners with her!! I had to write an email about women who have influenced me and made me the person I am today. Honestly, no matter what happens with this contest that was a VERY good writing exercise and I would recommend all women to take a few minutes and really think about that. It was hard to  narrow it down to just a few. I have had so many influences in my life and I found it very overwhelming to write it. It was wonderful to call those woman and tell them what they mean to me AND that because of them I was nominated for this contest!

In order to win I need one zillion votes so please help me spread the word. There are women nominated in much larger cities than Wichita so I need all the help I can get. Vote for me here

I thank you for your vote - and I approve this message. :)

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