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Wow...what a couple weeks...

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There is not one day that goes by that I don't feel blessed by having a job I love this much. I mean, seriously, Taylor Swift in studio for 45 minutes??? That was a good secret, wasn't it??? If you didn't hear the interview on the air I did put it up as a podcast so you can still hear it. But she was incredibly sweet and down to earth. There was so much going on behind the scenes leading up to that interview because they did not want the word getting out about the visit. So I was very happy when it came down to just sitting down for the interview but the whole time the president of her record label, Scott Borchetta, was standing behind me AND the president of my company was here too watching from outside the studio. Talk about a stresser! I had never met Scott Borchetta before but he's a great guy. (I ended up seeing him twice in Nashville!) She was absolutely lovely and nice as ever. Her mom was with her and it was great to see her for a bit too. If you wonder how Taylor manages to stay grounded I would say it's her mom...she's a great person.

THEN...Nashville this week! 60 interviews, four parties and a couple great lunches. One with a new artist, Jacob Lyda (remember that name, I really liked him) and another with KEITH URBAN!!! He played three songs for about 150 people...maybe...and they even gave him a platinum award for "Defying Gravity" and guess who was in the front row. Why, Carol Hughes of course. I thought if I'm going to be here I want to be right up front! Went to a great party out in the middle of nowhere that Dierks Bentley was hosting, another big one with Jason Aldean and I don't think I could have fit one more thing in. Make sure you check out all the interviews and videos at our CMA page. But to make it easy on you, here's a really cool version of his new single. I LOVE IT!


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