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Christmas Crusade Day #1

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I successfully made it through my first day of Christmas Crusade. I always put so much pressure on myself during Christmas Crusade. I don't want one child to not have a Christmas present for Christmas.

When I was a kid my family didn't ever have money for anything - let alone Christmas. But I always knew Santa wouldn't let me down. And every year, I would lay in bed at night waiting for Santa to land on the roof. Somehow I always fell asleep before he did so all five of us kids would wake up before the crack of dawn...sneak into my parent's room to see if we could go downstairs to see if Santa had been there. Of course, they'd say "No! Wait until the sun comes up at least!" So we'd wait and wait and wait...then they'd let us go downstairs. The Christmas tree would always be lit up with all kids of presents underneath it. It was always very magical to me and Christmas still is.

I found out years later who Santa really was and if it wasn't for someone playing the part of Santa  (my Grandma and Aunt Freda most years) we wouldn't have had Christmas or had very bleak Christmases. So I can completely understand how those kids feel...when you're a child who doesn't get a lot, getting presents and Christmas is magical.

To all of you who help a child - through our program or through another holiday program - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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