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Top 10 Countdown!!!

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This week on Wednesday and Thursday I will be doing my yearly countdown of MY Top 10 CDs of 2010. And it is TOUGH!!! There were so many good CDs that came out this year and I keep debating and debating which CDs will be on the list and what order! I definitely know my Number One fact, I had a super secret interview with "the artist" two weeks ago.

I think country music is a very interesting music format. I like that there are so many VERY different artists...I love that there's a place for The Band Perry and Jamey Johnson. I love how different Taylor Swift is from Miranda Lambert. I love Jason Aldean and I love Josh Turner. There really is something for everyone. One thing is for sure - some people will agree with my list and other people will TOTALLY disagree with me. But it's all my opinion - so please don't call and yell and me!  One great thing with my job is I get to listen to all of the CDs that come out so sometimes I get to hear a CD that you wouldn't really think about buying. I do take a few things into consideration; if it's an established artist, did they up their game? I take into consideration how many GREAT cuts are on the CD. I call it "cost per song"...if you were to spend money on the CD or downloading would you get your money's worth? I also really pay attention to new artists and how those CDs stack up to the established artists.

So whether you agree with me or you don't - get ready because starting tomorrow I'll be counting them down and let's just say I think some of you will be very surprised at what's on the list and what's NOT on the list!!

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