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My #8 CD of 2010 is...

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EASTON CORBIN! (It's self-titled)

I LOVE it when a new artist puts out a debut CD and it's this good. Despite being a new artist, when you listen to this CD you don't think about him being a new artist. It might be because he does sound so much like George Strait, but when you listen to his music you feel like he's an artist you've always been a fan of - once again -  it could be that George Strait thing.

When I think about my Top 10 CDs I want the CD to be FILLED with songs I love. I hate spending money on a CD and only loving a couple songs. This is a CD that you'll put in and listen to the whole thing beginning to end. It's hard to pick a favorite song because they're all so good but if I have to: "This Far From Memphis", "I Can't Love You Back" know just pick one, they're all good! Easton even had a hand in writing on a couple cuts.

It's a country CD. I love hearing the steel guitar and fiddle. I love Easton's vocals. This is one you want to start from the first cut and just let it go. When you hear it you think...where has this guy been? Beginning to end it's a great CD, but then I stop and realize, once again, that he's a new artist and it's an amazing CD. (And the fact that his dog is on the cover of the CD did not influence my decision at all. :)


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