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My #6 CD of 2010 is.....

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This is one of those CDs that I get stuck on and can't quit listening to. When I think of my Top 10 CDs, I think "what CDs did I listen to most in my car?" Definitely Josh Thompson "Way Out Here" was played a LOT in my car. I would start listening and realize it had been in the player for two weeks or more at a time! Well, then I'd get to work and listen to it again in my office before I went on the air!

I love the diversity of the songs. Josh wrote or co-wrote everyone of the songs on this disc. There are funny songs like "Beer on the Table" and heartbreak songs like "I Won't Go Crazy". And Josh has a great way with lyrics. I remember when he did his conference room visit and he played "Won't Be Lonely Long" and I thought he was going to play a ballad for us until he sang "How lucky am I, that you said goodbye at 7:00 on a Friday night...I won't be lonely long"!!! I laughed out loud. "Blame It On Waylon" is one of my favorite cuts on it - it has such a great Waylon feel to it.

This CD is real. It's real life. It's how people live and it's Josh Thompson. You can tell by listening to the songs he isn't singing about someone else - he's singing about himself. You don't even need to look at the songwriting credits to tell he wrote those songs. It's definitely one of those CDs that the more I listen to it the more I absolutely love it.

This isn't an over-produced, glossied up sound. Josh writes about what he knows and it's like he's writing about us - those real people who listen to country music.

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