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My #3 CD of 2010...

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I would be very interested to know how many times I have listen to this CD. 100? 200? 300? I have no idea at this point. After it first came out I listened to it for probably six weeks non-stop. In my opinion, this is Gary Allan's best CD yet. Hands down.

Gary Allan definitely has that dark side...that kind of bad-boy appeal that most of us women find irrestible, me included. But there's something about his sound that is all his own, I seriously can't think of another artist I would compare him to. I can't really say this is a country's not a rock's not a southern rock's Gary Allan.

Gary Allan had a hand in writing, I think, four songs on this CD and one of the songs he wrote just blows me away - "No Regrets". Listen to the song and you'll realize how far he's come since his wife's tragic death. It makes you realize how you can't take one moment for granted and you certainly can't life with regrets. As he says in the song "you play the hand that you're dealt and the dice that you roll". And when you hear Gary Allan sing a song like this it's like he is singing straight from his heart. When Gary Allan sings about pain, you feel that pain. He has a way of singing a song that makes you feel like you're getting a glimpse inside his life and what he's actually feeling. Not a lot of artists can make you feel a song that way Gary Allan does.

It's an interesting CD to listen to - it's dark in places like "Get Off On the Pain" - "My whole life I've been picking fights that there ain't no way to win" to sad songs like "I Think I've Had Enough" but as the CD goes on you feel that darkness lift and by the time you get to "No Regrets" you certainly won't have any. It's a CD that will make you think and make you want to turn it up - LOUD!


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