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I have to say, as soon as I heard this CD I knew it was going to be my Number One CD of the year. This CD is a gamer changer for Jason Aldean. His last disc "Wide Open" was really, really good. I honestly was hoping for a CD that was as good as that one - but "My Kinda Party" is better! I think this CD takes him to a whole new level.

There are 15 cuts on this CD and if you want to know my favorite it would just depend on the day. I don't know that I could actually pick one song. The thing is I'll listen to one song over and over and then a couple days later there will be another song I'll be listening to over and over. If I had to pick a couple highlights (and I'm serious! It's hard to do because they are ALL that good!) I would definitely say "Church Pews and Bar Stools". (Josh Thompson is one of the writers on this song - and I've already established how much I love him see my #6 pick!), actually as soon as you hear the first song "Tattoos on This Town" you'll get a great feel for the CD. That's a great song and the 14 that follow are just as good.

He does a really great version of "Dirt Road Anthem" - this is a Colt Ford song that he wrote and definitely does it differently than Jason. The first time I heard it, it kind of threw me but after a couple listens, I fell in love with Jason's version. The Kelly Clarkson duet is exceptional. You realize in this song what an amazing vocalist Jason is to not only sing with Kelly Clarkson but he holds his own with Kelly Clarkson. That girl has an exceptionally great voice and their voices blend so well together. When you listen to this CD (or his others) you can relate to this songs, he brings that Midwestern Sensibility to his music, in fact, you'll LOVE "Fly Over States" since Kansas is one of those fly over states.

There's a rock edge to some of the songs but with a country feel. You can't compare Jason Aldean to anyone and after listening to this CD you realize no one can compare to what he's doing. I don't ever say "spend your money" on a CD lightly. We are all watching our pennies these days - but spend your money on this CD. It is money well spent.

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