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Happy New Year? Not so much...

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So last weekend I was broadcasting live somplace - and the place isn't important because it certainly was NOT their fault - but my wallet was stolen! I had left it with a couple girls at a table where they were signing people up to win prizes. I had done that before so didn't think anything about it. Mu Mom called me while I was there and I am literally the on the phone getting an update about my very sick, elderly aunt (like that wasn't bad enough!) when one of the girls comes up to me with my purse! And says "Isn't this your purse?" So I immediately hang up when she hands it to me because it was VERY light. No wallet. I rush over to where it was to look for it and the girl actually found it in the bathroom! She thought maybe I had taken it to the bathroom myself. Nope. 

It just so happens that they had video of that area...we reviewed the video and sure enough. there they are - stealing MY PURSE!!!!! They go up to the table, register to win a prize and are filling out the entry information while he reaches his foot under the table, pushes it towards his wife who pushes it towards her with her foot, leans down, picks it up and takes it to the bathroom.

OK, let me say this again...they were filling out an entry form WITH the personal information WHILE committing a crime!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was in a red hoodie and the people at the table described exactly what they looked like because we literally looking at the video within 15 minutes of when they stole it so they new who he was and immediately went and got his entry form.

In the meantime we set up a little sting. They called them and told them they won a "substantial" prize and needed to come in a claim it. He was very excited and first said that he'd come right back...then calls and says maybe tomorrow. They said, well there's a good chance they will reward it to someone else and put them in for the secondary prize. Of course he didn't want that and they told him his wife had to come too because it was a trip and they both needed to fill out the winner's information form. So we didn't know if they'd actually show up and if he'd show up in the same hoodie because it would have been harder to figure out had he changed his clothes.

I called the cops who met us around the back, they come in, see the tape, hang out for a few minutes and are getting ready to leave when here comes the guy in the red hoodie! So they immediately handcuff him and his "wife". Here's the part that bothers me almost as much as them stealing my stuff - he brought his DAUGHTER with him to play the part of his wife. He denies it all of course and tells them there's no way they have it on video - so they show it to him! So last I saw him, he was being taken downtown they were going to his home to get his wife and arrest her too.


But then today I keep beating myself up too because have spent hours since thinking of all the things I could have, SHOULD have done differently. So for those of you reading this: Keep your passport separately from your driver's license. Make a copy of your driver's license. Get a copy of your birth certificate immediately and keep it all someplace safe. Those steps would have helped me immensely.

I do think one of these days this will make an entertaining story over a beer! But today I'm not too happy about it. You just never think how sneaking and uncaring people can be. Let's say I learned a big lesson yesterday and not one I was ready to learn.  Happy New Year - yeah right!

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