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Lost and Stray Animals

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I can't tell you how much my heart was breaking when I heard about the poor dog stuck at the Canal Route this week. Despite numerous people calling Animal Control the animal wasn't rescued until Brian and Kellie put it on the air. Perhaps it was a coincidence.

I talked with the Humane Society today and the dog still hasn't been claimed. The ideal situation is that the owners claim their dog. But it's so sad that it doesn't always happen that way. There are so many stray dogs, cats and even a rooster at the City Shelter. I get calls every day from people who are missing a pet or who found one and it always breaks my heart. I couldn't imagine Buddy or Bob being lost - it's a big world out there!

Please check your animal's tags. So often I hear from people who lost a dog and I ask about a collar and they say it's not wearing one. Get a tag with your phone number and put it on their collar then when someone finds your dog they can easily call you. Microchipping is surprisingly affordable too.

SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PET! The Humane Society has low-cost spay and neutering so if money is tight (and it seems to always be tight!), contact them and see if you qualify for that program.

An animal is a huge responsibility. Before you adopt a new pet make sure you are adopting the pet that fits your lifestyle. The Humane Society frequently gets animals that people say the "need more room to run" or "I had no idea this Great Dane" would get so big. Research the breed first. Some dogs are going to need lots and lots of long walks and if you can't do that then find another dog that would fit your lifestyle.

If you are missing your pet - please check with the City Shelter. Here is a website too you can check that the shelter uses: There are so many dogs brought into the shelter that are obviously someone's pet and they end up in the Humane Society waiting for a new home.

Remember that those rescue pets make great pets. Both mine are. :) And hopefully, if the dog that was rescued from the canal route is not claimed we can find it a good, happy home. He deserves that. All of them deserve good, happy homes. I will keep you posted about him.

That's my Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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