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C'mon! $1.5 million for one DOG?????

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I recently came across a story about a guy from China who bought a Red Tibetan Mastiff for $1.5 MILLION! OK, I get that it's a rare breed but C'MON!!!!!!!!!!! That's beyond ridiculous to me. I am a big fan of getting dogs from rescue organizations. I actually really don't understand the attraction of purchasing a purebred dog anyway when there are so many dogs waiting for homes.

$1.5 MILLION????

Here's a link to a story about the dog:

They say he's a perfect specimen. I'm sure he'll have amazing offspring. I get that it's probably a status symbol but when I heard someone would spend that kind of money on ONE dog it kind of makes me mad. I know, it's not my money but how many animals would that kind of money help!? I did the math. At the Kansas Humane Society you can adopt a dog for $150. That dog comes with shots, it's been spayed or neutered AND it will even have a microchip. You could adopt 10,000 dogs for what they spent on that ONE dog.

ARGH. But here's something you can do to help: the Humane Society is have a Spring Baby Shower and Adoption Event this Friday and Saturday! Bring them an item from their "Wish List" and get $30 off an adoption. You'll find more information on their webpage to click here:

EACH month our Kansas Humane Society receives 1,000 PLUS animals! Over 1,000 each and every month! So please spread the word about this adoption event. And to all of you who have taken in abandoned animals and who help shelter them, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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