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American Idol: Scotty or Lauren???? Who do you like???

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Whether you like American Idol or you don't, as a country music fan you have to admit that it's pretty exciting that the Top Two are both country singers. Today, I played both their singles as test tunes and the results were great for BOTH songs! They really were close as far as how many people graded the songs and the scores were close - but Lauren probably had a little higher score. However, more people told me they were voting for Scotty! Personally, I think the results tonight are going to be very, very close.

Let us know what YOU think!!!

Here's Scotty's performance from last night:


And here is Lauren's performance: Tell us who YOU think should win tonight! We have a poll on our webpage (it's on the left side of the page). Either way - country music wins, don't you think????

Vote here:

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