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Keep your pet safe this July 4th weekend!

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July 4th Weekend - not exactly Buddy's favorite holiday of the year.


I'm lucky because he does pretty well with all the fireworks going off but it does make him really nervous too if he's outside for very long by himself.

EVERY year we get so many calls and emails from people who have lost their dogs. They got scared by the fireworks and just took off. PLEASE make sure your dog has the proper identification on. Microchipping is really a great idea - but so is a dog tag with a phone number for someone to call. You can have one made up quickly at PetSmart I know and there has to be a zillion places that do it.

Ideally, leave your dog inside. I always leave the TV on and the radio (I always wonder if he recognizes my voice when I'm gone!) to hopefully cover up some of the noise of fireworks. And some dogs react to the fireworks to the point of needing a little medication.

So as much fun as it might be to take your dog to the big July 4th Fireworks celebration, he's really better off at home where he's safe and can't take off. So have fun and be safe this weekend...and please help keep your pets safe too!

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