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MY VACATION - The Abbreviated Scrapbook Version Part TWO!

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Here's a little more about my recent vacation (see the Part One blog for more information!);

So there we were - onstage with Brad Paisley while he sang "Alcohol". Literally onstage. It was mostly some St. Louis radio people and all the opening bands. Including...

Blake and Jerrod!!!  They pushed a bar out and had "Mascot Brad Paisley" as a bartending. He looked just like a mascot version of Brad Paisley - and he proceeded to give us all drinks! Lynn and I got Jack Daniels.

I HATE Jack Daniels but I felt obligated to drink it. :) We were SERIOUSLY close to Brad Paisley. This was my view of him:

Isn't that too cool? And he's playing the guitar with a beer!!!! amazing.

So the next day we picked up my darling niece Caitlyn from the airport in St. Louis. I had totally forgotten about the tornado that hit it. I can't believe it was even a working airport. Almost every window was knocked out by the tornado. Horrible.

We were off to Burlington, Iowa for Steamboat Days! Now I don't know how a town the size of Burlington (probably 30K people maybe???) does this event. It's five (maybe six) nights of amazing concerts. But since I went to St. Louis I missed Trace Adkins and Ronnie Dunn but we did get there on Saturday for Three Days Grace and I managed to have a little bit of fun, despite my extreme fatigue:

Of course I am only holding someone's beer for them. The next day we got up and did the Snake Alley Art Fair. Snake Alley is the little street in Burlington that they built back in the late 1800s because the hill was so steep the horses and carriages couldn't get down it without hitting speeds of like 500 mph. (OK, maybe not that fast). It was a great time too:

Sunday night was Eric Church Night. Now y'all know how much I love Eric Church. A LOT!!!!!!

That's my niece Caitlyn - isn't she CUTE??? Then we went and watched the show...

A fun group, huh????????????? And THEN the best part! My sisters and brother-in-law have the most fabulous restaurant in Burlington, Iowa called "La Tavola". My brother-in-law, Carlo, is from Sicily and is an AMAZING cook. So after the show we took some coolers full of food to Eric's bus and ended up staying on the bus chatting with him for about 30 minutes. And Eric LOVED the food!!!

After four days of lots of music, LOTS of delicious Italian food - thank you Carlo! And lots of time with my family and friends, it was time to head home. I needed a vacation from my vacation!

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