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Three AMAZING CDs out this week!!!!

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Do you have a little extra money for some terrific music? Since my job is to listen to music - I get REALLY excited when a great CD comes out - so imagine how excited I am about three amazing CDs all out this week.

Let's start with Blake Shelton "Red River Blue":

Blake Shelton CD's never disappoint me. I'm really happy that Blake is FINALLY getting the recognition he deserves. He's been putting out great music for a long time and I think has been overlooked for a long time when it comes to "great people in country music today" categories. Vocally, Blake is hard to beat (Chris Young is right up there with him!) but I love that Blake can sing something that will make you laugh and something that will make you think and touch your heart - all on the same CD.

Some of my favorites cuts: "I'm Sorry" (singing with!), "God Gave Me You", "Honey Bee" (of course), "Good Ole Boys".


Then there's Chis Young's new CD "Neon":

Chris' last CD "The Man I Want To Be" was in my Top 10 of 2009...this one is definitely in the running for my favorite CD of the year. As soon as the first cut started I loved it...I loved the second cut, the third...the only problem I have with this CD is ten songs just seem like enough. I wanted ten more! Chris is right up there with Blake Shelton for the best vocalist in country music today - he's not only a great vocalist but an fantastic songwriter as well; he co-wrote seven out of the ten songs.

My favorite cuts: Pick a number one through ten. I love all of them.


Ashton Shepherd "Where Country Grows":

Imagine this - a country CD from a country female singer!!! I don't want to get into any arguments because I really do love Carrie Underwood, I love Taylor too but a lot of country music from woman in the last few years have been rather pop sounding. Then Miranda Lambert took off...I personally think Miranda has opened the door for other more country-sounding females. And Ashton Shepherd is COUNTRY! I love this CD. I got an advance copy of it a couple months ago and I've been looking forward to someone else listening to it so we could talk about it! She's a great songwriter and wrote several of the cuts on it. This isn't for someone who says "that's too twangy" for me...I say bring on the country! You go Ashton!!!

My favorite cuts: "Look It Up", "More Cows Than People", "Beer On A Boat" and "Where Country Grows", "While It Ain't Rainin'", "Tryin' To Go To Church".

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