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My Dad and Merle Haggard

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July 28th was the day my Dad died. There was a time in my life I never thought I would get through it. It was just so hard to function in a world that didn't have my Dad in it. I was very close with my Dad and after he died it was such a struggle to get through time went by it got better. July 28th started getting easier each year.

My Dad's FAVORITE singer was Merle Haggard. He loved him. He used to listen to Merle through his headphones and he would sing at the top of his lungs just to bug me. I wonder if he knew it never bugged me at all...I always thought it was funny. After he died I found comfort in Merle Haggard's music, but it also was so hard to listen to; it's gotten easier to listen to over the years but I still get tears in my eyes when I hear him.

Every time Merle Haggard is in Wichita, I always go. So imagine my surprise when I saw he was going to be here at The Orpheum - ON JULY 28th!!! I actually thought I would buy one ticket for me and go by myself - until I told my sister. She's driving eight hours to get here today just to go to the show with me. Then, driving eight hours home tomorrow.

This is one of those songs that Dad used to sing at the top of his lungs...he'd look at me and sing "...dont' you know, I love you too. And that's the way love goes." Love you Dad

!And I hope you're sitting there with us tonight.



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