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My thoughts on Luke Bryan's new CD...

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I'm going to just keep it simple. I LOVE THIS CD!

How's that for simplicity. I love it. Go buy it. There you go. Review done.

I have always loved Luke Bryan since the first day I met him here at the station. He was doing his radio tour and he played in our conference room and then we went and had sushi at Sumo. (That was a great day by the way!) He has "it"...whatever "it" is. He's a wonderful person - and very talented too.

This is his third CD and I think it's by far his best CD yet. I love the first single "Country Girl (Shake it for Me)" and I really thought the CD would have more of that edge to it and I was kind of surprised that it does...and it doesn't. I thought it might be a little more in your face but it's a little more power-ballad heavy. The songs are well-written and very catchy. It's really one of those CDs that doesn't "feel" like you're listening to a new CD...the songs will draw you in on the first listen.

I assumed "You Don't Know Jack" would be some hard-rocking-country song about Jack Daniels. It's actually a very touching song about man down on his luck who has turned to drinking; "You don't know Jack, double shot, 80 proof, on the rocks, until you've lost it all". GREAT SONG!!!

I'm a big Ashton Shepherd fan and I was listening along to the CD and when "Tailgate Blues" started playing I thought "Wow, whoever is singing with Luke fits his vocals perfectly!" So I immediately picked up the insert and saw Ashton Shepherd is in the credits as singing back up vocals. I have the feeling she sings a couple more (Like "Harvest Time") but it's DEFINITELY her on "Tailgate Blues". They should sing more together...WOW!

And then I'd like to thank Luke Bryan for putting 13 cuts on this CD. I felt like I got two bonus songs!!! And Luke is a great songwriter and has co-writes on eight out of the 13. I would suggest starting with the first cut ("Country Girl") and let it play all the way through. You won't want to skip a song. Then the next listen will take you a couple weeks because you'll be hitting replay continuously. :)

My Favorite Cuts: "Drunk On You", "You Don't Know Jack", "I Don't Want This Night To End", "Harvest Time"...well, actually, I could probably name all 13 cuts. They're all great.

Here's my favorite picture with Luke - it was at our Listener Appreciation Show. he was attempting to kidnap me.



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