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Check this out! New music from JAKE OWEN!

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Let me preface all of what I am about to say with this:


I do. And one thing I love about my job is I get to listen to new in before it even comes out! So yesterday, I got an advance copy of Jake Owen's new CD "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" and I made sure I listened to it a few times before the show last night. We got to spend some quality time with Jake last night and we got to talking about the new CD and one song I love in particular called "The Journey of Your Life". Jake got all excited and said "you've got to see this!". He did  a "Walmart Soundcheck" session and he said when he did it he had no idea it would turn out so cool...and it turned out REALLY cool.  Great performances AND you can hear music from his new CD coming out August 30th. Here's the link:

Now we also heard some interesting stories about Britney Spears, Zombie movies, Christmas music and his cologne choices. I'll save those stories for another day. :)

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