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Funny Toby Keith video! Check it out...

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This makes me laugh.

It's fun to see this side of Toby Keith. Here's the backstory to the video:


Rumor has it that the Warren Brothers & The Beaver Brothers were at a party.  
Some girl was at that party. 
She said "can you write a song about anything?" and they replied with a "yes we can!"
She was holding a red solo cup. 
Toby loved it.  Thinks it's so stupidly fun, cool & had a hook he couldn't get out of his head.  
So he made a low budget video that happens to feature a lot of his celeb friends.  
He emailed his buddies and said hey – if you want to be in this video just use your phone or flip cam & send me a clip of you with a red solo cup.
Carrot Top was the first one in.  I won't print here how he featured the red solo cup.  But suffice it to say that Toby said "dude, you're going to have to send me something else…even I can't get away with that"…  hahaha

Check this out!!!!!!!!!


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