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Help me find Diego a home!

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I can't believe how cruel people can be.

These two babies were abandoned out here by the station and made their way to our front door. Literally starving. You could count their ribs. How can anyone do that??? Once I saw them, I knew I had to help them find loving and happy homes.

I actually took that picture of them that day. They were so tiny and I can't believe that had even survived as long as they had. We took them to the Kansas Humane Society where they got the medical attention they needed. They were covered in fleas so I wanted to make sure they got immediate attention and I wanted to know they were healthy enough to be adopted. They were able to put on a little weight, they were fixed, got their shots and were placed for adoption. The puppy on the right found a home this weekend but we are still looking for a home for little Diego!!!

Help me find him a home!!!! Kellie and I are paying for half his adoption fee. He just needs someone to love and care for him. Here's a link to his page on the Kansas Humane Society site:

NEVER DUMP AN ANIMAL!!! It's cruel, it's inhumane and it's illegal!!!!! The city shelter actually has boxes where you can leave your animal if it's after hours so they will at least have access to have food and water. I can not believe someone would dump these two puppies out here. There are a lot of wonderful shelters in our area where animals would at least have a chance.

Look at that could you do that to him???

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