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Seriously - how can people be so cruel???????

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See this precious kitten????

Can you believe someone tried to throw him from an overpass here in Wichita????

One amazing KFDI listener saw him and she said she immediately slammed on her brakes (she said she was surprised she didn't get hit by another car) and jumped out and somehow got it away from him. He took off running.

How can anyone be so cruel???? I am so glad that she was there, going across that overpass and saved that kitten. It bothers me two ways - that people can be that cruel and that some people wouldn't have bothered to do what she did.

To Nancy Beal - thank you for stepping up and helping one of God's precious creatures. You are an amazing woman. Not only did she save her life...but she is now part of Nancy's family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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