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Hello from Nashville!!!

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What a couple days I've had. I kind of feel like I've been running some sort of social marathon since I landed on Saturday. I'm not complaining, i have definitely managed to have a little fun.

We got in on Saturday with no problems whatsoever. We had a mandatory meeting where they went over everything that would be going on and we got to see our broadcasting space for the first time. It's really pretty awesome. they have the booths set up more for video than audio recording and that's because we are also doing video of every interview we're doing!

Then we weent out for dinner with some of my Nashville friends and i have NO idea why we decided to take a picture as "Deer in the Headlights"...but we did.

Dustin and Glenn (on the right) were very good at that. I just wanted to laugh. I don't know what my sister was doing actually...

Yesterday was our first day of interviews. We had a 13 or so this was the highlight of my day. Congratulating The Eli Young Band on their FIRST number one - THIS WEEK!!! I am very proud of them. They've worked so hard and it couldn't happen to a better bunch of guys.

Then I was excited about this too:

CASEY JAMES! And yes was a big fan of his on American Idol. (Can you tell by the look on my face?) The problem with interviewing him is that he has the most beautiful eyes that a girl can lose her train of thought. favorite picture of the day goes to The Lost Trailers. We had just taken another picture together and I thought Jason (on the right) said "I didn't have my eyes closed we need to take another". Of course that made me laugh but what he really said was "I THINK I had my eyes closed..." so we thought it would be funny to take a picture with our eyes closed.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood had a press conference I have video on our CMA page, my sister's was taking pictures and the darn camera battery died. Here's one of Carrie:

Hey, if you're going to a press conference with Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley you should get there early so you can sit in the front row...RIGHT????

THEN we went out to dinner at The Palm, a very nice overpriced restaurant with New Revolution. They have two acts they're currently working; The Farm and...

BUCKY Covington! Obviously, he was totally shocked to see me. He has the same hair as Casey James.

Today we are doing 29 interviews. Yes, TWENTY NINE INTERVIEWS! Wish me luck!!! Tonight we're going to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's farm so more blogs on the way.

I'll check in again soon from Nashville!!!!


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