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Carol's Speed Interview Session!!!!

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So how many interviews can a girl do in a day??? I think I discovered that it's 30. That's how many I did yesterday. I said yesterday it was like I got hit with a Radio Interview Freight Traine!

That is nuts. The things about the way they interview here is you have absolutely no time to stop and look at notes or anything. It's like speed interviewing; one person sits down, interview, pictures, autograph, they leave and another sits down and it goes like that for about four hours! So you better be ready when it starts because once that train leaves the station there's no slowing down.

I have a zillion pictures but we have a horrible internet connection here. I've been trying for 45 minutes to get photos to load but I give up so I will try later.

We started out interviewing Hunter Hayes and wrapped up the day with Jerrod Niemann. (That's a fun way to end the day, isn't it??)

There were so many fun interviews yesterday; I really enjoyed The Band Perry. They are so kind and engaging which makes my job so much easier. 

I loved talking to Ronnie Dunn. That was the first time I had ever interviewed him and he was great. As we were sitting down to do the interview I mentioned to him how years ago he actually opened up one of our Listener Appreciation Shows (not with Kix but just Ronnie) and then we did the interview and when it was over he stood up (very tall) and said "The Radio Ranch" and stopped and looked at me and say "I opened for Roy Clark" and proceeded to tell me how they had to drive through a snowstorm to get here. I couldn't believe he actually remembered!!!

THEN, I loved getting to interview Vince Gill - who was suprisingly low key. Not that I thought he'd be some manic, hyper interview but he seemed pretty close to a nap. :) But I had never met him, never interviewed him so for me it was a big deal. After the interview he stopped and asked if I knew Orin Friesen and said how much he liked Orin and asked if I'd tell him hey. He also said that his Mom is from St. John...I had no idea.

The weirdest interview of the day definitely was Taylor Swift. She came with a lot of rules. They give you a bio book so you can read up on people before you interview them and her bio sheet says  we had to "refrian from asking Taylor questions about her personal life and unsubstantiated internet rumors about fake photographs and real estate purchases"...then before the interview her publicist came over and made you verbally agree to that!!!! SO, as an interview after all of that what is the first thing you want to talk to her about? Well, unsubstantiated internet rumors about fake photographs and real estate purchases, of course! You also had to agree to NO photographs or video, one autograph and a two minute interview. She had a whole entourage with her so it was VERY distracting.

Big day...and the interview session was only half the fun! I'll update you in a bit about the rest of my day yesterday!!!

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