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Dustin Lynch - Remember that name...

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One thing I absolutely love about my job is meeting the new artists. They take new artists around on what they call a "radio tour" which is exactly what you think it is. They take them to stations to meet the program director (my boss) and the music director (ME!). So when you hear about me talking about "conference room concerts" or "basement concerts", those are the new artists trying to break into country music.

We have had a LOT of acts come through over the years - some of the make it big and some of the don't but I love it when I hear a band or an artist who I think really has it...and I met one of those artists yesterday, Dustin Lynch. He's a songwriter and has some REALLY great songs and has a great voice too. We actually went on his bus to hear him and his guitarist, Tony, play. Check out the videos...I think he's definitely someone we'll be hearing from in the future.

This first one is going to be his first single, "Cowboys and Angels"...


And this song, I just think is very clever and very well written. It's called "She Cranks My Tractor"...

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